We also offer you Intercom systems for your house, apartment or office.

Your security lies at our heart. It is always handy to have an Intercom with or without camera to be able to speak to visitors without even needing to open the door. Before opening the door to strangers you can see who is waiting outside the door.

We have a variety of different systems in various different price categories and designs. Our staff is happy to advise and consult you to find out which systems suits your needs best.

Intercom systems can be especially handy when living in a multi-storeyed building as it makes answering the door much easier. One installation outside and one inside of your apartment enables the communication with visitors without even opening the door.

We care about your safety and security. That is why we provide you with your Video Intercom System or Security Surveillance Camera System.  Each of our staff members at activespark will do their utmost to provide you with an Intercom system that suits your needs.

If you have any further questions or would like to purchase an Intercom or equal, please feel free to contact us and our staff will do their best to supply you with high-quality systems.