Home Cinema Concepts

Haven’t you always dreamed of having a cinema in your home? No more driving to the theatre and paying a fortune for the tickets, but watching a film at any time of the day or night, wearing comfy pyjamas and being able to pause the film at any time. Doesn’t that sound perfect? We at activespark offer you the chance to get a home cinema at affordable prices.

Obviously the initial coasts will be higher than tickets to the cinema, but it will pay off over time as you will be able to enjoy the many benefits a home theatre brings.

We offer you many different options and various different home theatres that will suit your needs and wants perfectly.  The possibilities reach from a small presentation with only two seats, to a residential home theatre with room for a whole party. It all depends on what you want, how much space you have and how much you want to invest. We will be happy to advise you and help you find out which cinema concept would be best for you. We can offer you a wide range of designs, seating, screens and acoustic systems to choose from. We will leave nothing to be desired!

We will provide the answer to your specific needs so that your preferred design combined with our knowledge and skills will get you the perfect home cinema, which is of high quality and installed correctly for your peace of mind.

Activespark is right here to make your dreams come true. We will do our utmost so that you will find yourself in your own home theatre with homemade popcorn and all of your friends and family, as soon as possible.

Contact us to get your home theatre today!