Testing & Tagging

Our professional staff also offers you testing and tagging. We are happy to help you test and tag your equipment. We will send out someone to your home to make sure that you are safe and all your electrical equipment is installed correctly. On site our experts will inspect and test all of your in-service electrical equipment.

Testing and tagging is important for your safety as it helps saving lives every single year. Timely testing and tagging can prevent worse incidents through wrong installation or broken pieces. Another way to benefit from regular testing and tagging is that the risk of tragedies and resulting lengthy insurance claims gets reduced.

To find any damage and electrical fault early enough and to prevent the costs of repair to go sky high, it is important that certain electrical equipment gets inspected regularly. Doing that yourself without more in-depth knowledge and skills; you can seriously injure yourself. That is why it is important to have experts doing that job for you. We will make sure to send you professional staff to take care of your electrical equipment to give you peace of mind. So you can sit back and have a coffee while our team takes care of your safety.  All of our staff is trained professionally to ensure your and our safety and to give you peace of mind when it comes to your electrical equipment.

If you have any further questions or would like us to send out one of our professional staff members, contact us today!